Monday, November 30, 2009


Daniel and I weren't sure what we were going to do this year for Thanksgiving. Then one of his classmates and his wife didn't have anywhere to go either so they came over to our place. They brought over 5lbs of snow crab legs! I'll take that over dry turkey any day.

The remains of the poor little crab legs.

My beautiful turkey and cheese platter (not really). Daniel made fun of me for getting turkey at the deli for thanksgiving, but it was a lot better and easier than anything I could have made.

It's not Thanksgiving without homemade rolls. This is my first attempt and there is definitely room for improvement.

Daniel's amazing parmesan and garlic potato wedges.

Neither of us really like pumpkin pie so I made an icecream pie instead. It was amazing.

This is a Thanksgiving tree I made in Young Womens. It is a tree branch in a little pot and then you write what you are thankful for on the leaves.


mE said...

great post. We are certainly grateful for you and Dan. I had to travel to boston to eat crab. Bec doesn't allow it in our home (not really, but she doesn't like seafood). I am envious.

melanie said...

What a fun Thanksgiving. I am feeling very hungry after seeing all the great food.

melanie said...

Bye the way - the rolls look great. Did you use grandma's recipe?

Ellen George said...

I used a refrigerator roll recipe out of the red and white plaid cook book. They looked ok but they didn't taste very good. I just saw that you posted grandmas recipe and I definitely would have used that. One thing I know I did wrong was bake them too long.

Garrison Propaganda said...

mmmm your rolls, potatoes, and icecream pie look delicious. got recipes for any of them you could send? love the tree in the last shot.

ldgeorge said...

All that yummy looking food makes me hungry...I like the tree idea :) I'll have to remember that for cub scouts.

Melissa said...

I think homemade rolls are SO hard to make! But yours still looked delicious. And so did Daniel's potato wedges. Very nice non-traditional dinner. We went to Scott's brother's in Utah, so we ate pretty traditionally.