Monday, November 2, 2009

Savannah Part 2

Here are a couple of my favorite things down here in Savannah. There is so much more I still need to photograph, but this is a good start.

The live oak trees. They can grow wider than they grow tall.

The Spanish Moss. I think it is so pretty, but you don't want to touch it because it is infested with bugs. I hear of tourist putting the stuff in their suitcases as a souvenir. yikes.

This oak tree that gobbled up a brick. It really is stuck in there.

The Tabby Sidewalks. Tabby is cement with oyster shells in it.

Little Swan Fountain. This is actually part of the huge fountain in Forsyth Park.

The Lafayette Fountain. This is my favorite fountain. I love the sea horses.

The Crab Shack. This is one of my favorite restaurants.

Tybee Island. The beach is only 30 minutes away and so much fun.


Melissa said...

Thanks a lot for making me miss Savannah. It was the picture of Tybee that did me in. Must be because we are starting to get cold here in RExburg

ldgeorge said...

It looks beautiful. I am looking forward to coming for a visit even more now!

mE said...

we can't wait to visit!

Garrison Propaganda said...

again, your pictures and commentaries are perfect. that brick in the tree is crazy. and im jealous of your close access to the beach!