Monday, November 30, 2009


Daniel and I weren't sure what we were going to do this year for Thanksgiving. Then one of his classmates and his wife didn't have anywhere to go either so they came over to our place. They brought over 5lbs of snow crab legs! I'll take that over dry turkey any day.

The remains of the poor little crab legs.

My beautiful turkey and cheese platter (not really). Daniel made fun of me for getting turkey at the deli for thanksgiving, but it was a lot better and easier than anything I could have made.

It's not Thanksgiving without homemade rolls. This is my first attempt and there is definitely room for improvement.

Daniel's amazing parmesan and garlic potato wedges.

Neither of us really like pumpkin pie so I made an icecream pie instead. It was amazing.

This is a Thanksgiving tree I made in Young Womens. It is a tree branch in a little pot and then you write what you are thankful for on the leaves.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is our new member of the family Cosmo! We named him Cosmo which is short for cosmic brownie, since he's brown. He is a tonkinese kitty and I love him so much. We got him from a lady in Michigan and my brother drove him down to us last weekend. So, thanks Grant for driving him down and also thanks to my Mom for babysitting him for a couple days. It is hard to get a good picture of this guy because he is so fast, unless he is napping, which he does a lot. I'm sure there will be more Cosmo pictures to come.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Savannah Part 1

The moment you have all been waiting for (if there is anyone out there looking at my blog). Savannah! Daniel and I have been in Savannah now for two months and we have been loving it. The city is beautiful and the people have been really friendly. We live right in the historic district of Savannah which is the largest historic district in the US. It is 2.5 square miles. We love the location we can walk and bike almost everywhere. Maybe not to the beach. Our apartment is in part of a carriage house. The carriage house is where the slaves or servants would live. It is separate from the main house. It is really small but we have managed to find a place for everything and now feels like we could live here for awhile. We definitely don't have room for kids, sorry mom. We do have a blow up mattress if anyone wants to come and visit!

The house in front is the main building which is also split up into apartments and the little one in the back is our carriage house. I imagine there was a garden in between the two buildings at one point. The buildings date back to the 1860's.

This is the full view of the carriage house. We live in the end of the house closest to the street. Pretty charming eh?


Other side of the kitchen. We had to cover up a cool fireplace so we could fit all of our food and junk.

Family Room. (sorry the picture isn't that great)

Still the family room. Or you could call this our dinning room.

Another view of the family room. This is my favorite fireplace. They don't work but are charming.

Our stairs. They are a bit scary and steep.

Bedroom. Our bed is squashed between a wall and another fireplace.

Another view of the bedroom

Bathroom. This is by far the nicest bathroom Daniel and I have had in an apartment.

Our laundry room/closest, genius!

Savannah Part 2

Here are a couple of my favorite things down here in Savannah. There is so much more I still need to photograph, but this is a good start.

The live oak trees. They can grow wider than they grow tall.

The Spanish Moss. I think it is so pretty, but you don't want to touch it because it is infested with bugs. I hear of tourist putting the stuff in their suitcases as a souvenir. yikes.

This oak tree that gobbled up a brick. It really is stuck in there.

The Tabby Sidewalks. Tabby is cement with oyster shells in it.

Little Swan Fountain. This is actually part of the huge fountain in Forsyth Park.

The Lafayette Fountain. This is my favorite fountain. I love the sea horses.

The Crab Shack. This is one of my favorite restaurants.

Tybee Island. The beach is only 30 minutes away and so much fun.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Italy/Switzerland Trip 2009

These past couple weeks have been cramazing (crazy and amazing). Daniel and I moved down to Savannah Georgia August 20th. Cleaned, unpacked, packed and then flew out to Italy on the 25th. We then spent two weeks driving around northern Italy and the southern part of Switzerland. It was amazing to say the least. Then we flew back to Georgia and finished unpacking.

Day 1 Milan, Italy
Our first day in Italy! I was so exhausted. The Milan Duomo is behind us and was so beautiful. We didn't climb to the top, which I regret now, but at that moment I didn't feel stable enough to go running around the top of a really tall building. We had just gotten off an eight hour flight.

Day 2-3 Remini, Italy
A picture Daniel took of the beach. We had fun playing in the water and collecting sea shells.

Day 4.1 To Gorizia, Italy
A rest stop we took while driving from Rimini to Gorizia. You can see our pee streems. (sorry grandma.) When in Rome do as the Romans.

Day 4.2 Birthday Pizza
I celebrated my 24th Birthday while staying in Gorizia, Italy, and yes Daniel ordered pizza with french fries on it.

Day 4.3 Birthday Gelato
I may not have had any birthday cake but I did get a total of five scoops of gelato through the day. It was awesome.

Day 5.1 WW1 Canon
We went to Redipuglia, Italy where there is a lot of WWI equipment and there is also a huge memorial.

Day 5.2 WWI Bunkers
These were really cool. We got to walk around in them. There were a couple other bunkers and it make me think how scared I would have been.

Day 5.3 WWI Memorial
This is a picture Daniel took of a WWI Memorial in Redipuglia, Italy. It is gigantic and is the actual burial for over 100,000 soldiers. It was very sobering.

Day 6.1 Fiat 500
A cute little buddy I wanted to take home. Some of you may recognize him from Cars as Guito.

Day 6.2 Venice, Italy
Behind us is the big canal. We couldn't afford a gondola ride so later in the day, when we were tired, we took a boat bus (like
the one behind Daniel's head) around Venice that made all the stops and took us back were we started. I don't think you are suppose to do that but...we did and it was awesome.

Day 6.3 Venice, Italy
There were canals and bridges like this all through the city. It has to be one of the most interesting places. It like the buildings just grow out from the water.

Day 7.1 Belcony Luch in Verona, Italy
The place we stayed at had a cute balcony and we ate a little picnic lunch on it. Its called stretching your budget. We had blood orange soda, speck (raw, smoked ham) fresh bread and ringos.

Day 7.2 Whale Rib
I am standing under a whale rib handing from the arch. They say if you have never told a lie and walk under the rib it will fall on you. It didn't fall on either Daniel or I. Sorry mom.

Day 7.3 Brick
This was some brick work on an old church in Verona. I saw brick work like this all over the place and thought it was so funny.

Day 8.1 Julliettes Belcony
This is Juliet's Balcony in Verona Italy. But not really because it was a fictional story. People rub her breast for good luck.

Day 8.2 Casetlrotto, Italy
This is the place we stayed at in Castelrotto. It is almost on the border of Austria and it was a lot more German than Italian.

Day 9.1 Horse Attack
We were hiking this huge alpine meadow called Alpi de Suisi. It had a lot of grazing cows and horse. We saw a little pony and tried petting it. The mom horse wasn't happy that we were petty her baby. She bit the camera bag that I had and tried to take it from me. After it let go we walked away slowly and then the little pony came running up after me and fluffed my frizzy hair with its face. It was so funny!

Day 9.2 Pony
This was after the attack. The pony just wouldn't go away.

Day 11.1 Roman Bridge
This was in Lavertezzo, Switzerland

Day 11.2 007 Golden Eye Dam
If you look you can see a little person in the middle of the bridge that had just bunge jumped off.

Day 11.3 Castle
Somewhere in Switzerland

Day 11.4 Draw Bridge

Day 12.1 Real Swiss Cheese
This cheese was so amazing. It was made in the mountains there from grass fed cows. Can't find that kind of quality in the US.

Day 12.2 Lake Lugano
This is where we stayed in Switzerland.

Day 13.1 100 Franks

Day 13.2 20 Franker
I loved the Swiss Franks. They are so much cooler than the dollar.

13.3 Alprose Chocolate
Daniel is feeding Rosy the cow a bar of chocolate from the chocolate factory in Switzerland.

Day 13.4 Cruise on Lake Lugano
We took a nice three hour tour around Lake Lugano.

Day 14.1 Swatches

Day 14.2 Cheese Factory
A three month old cheese from the basement of this cheese factory. We got to actually see them make cheese. Daniel told me its called Gotardo cheese and it was seasoned and aged for three months.

Day 14.3 Gotardpass Switzerland
The road out here really made me miss my motorcycle Suzy.

Day 14.4 Our Swiss Mom
Liliana was our swiss mom for a couple of days. We stayed with her while we were in Switzerland and she fed us some amazing food. She reminded us of Daniel's mom.

Day 15.1 Nimble Ford Fiesta
Daniel took this picture of our little Ford Fiesta. It was a good car and I think Daniel misses it.

Day 15.2 French Alps
This is a picture Daniel took on our flight home. You can see Mount Blanc. The tallest Alp.

These are some signs I took pictures of on our trip. It must be the graphic designer in me, but I just got a kick out of them.