Monday, November 2, 2009

Savannah Part 1

The moment you have all been waiting for (if there is anyone out there looking at my blog). Savannah! Daniel and I have been in Savannah now for two months and we have been loving it. The city is beautiful and the people have been really friendly. We live right in the historic district of Savannah which is the largest historic district in the US. It is 2.5 square miles. We love the location we can walk and bike almost everywhere. Maybe not to the beach. Our apartment is in part of a carriage house. The carriage house is where the slaves or servants would live. It is separate from the main house. It is really small but we have managed to find a place for everything and now feels like we could live here for awhile. We definitely don't have room for kids, sorry mom. We do have a blow up mattress if anyone wants to come and visit!

The house in front is the main building which is also split up into apartments and the little one in the back is our carriage house. I imagine there was a garden in between the two buildings at one point. The buildings date back to the 1860's.

This is the full view of the carriage house. We live in the end of the house closest to the street. Pretty charming eh?


Other side of the kitchen. We had to cover up a cool fireplace so we could fit all of our food and junk.

Family Room. (sorry the picture isn't that great)

Still the family room. Or you could call this our dinning room.

Another view of the family room. This is my favorite fireplace. They don't work but are charming.

Our stairs. They are a bit scary and steep.

Bedroom. Our bed is squashed between a wall and another fireplace.

Another view of the bedroom

Bathroom. This is by far the nicest bathroom Daniel and I have had in an apartment.

Our laundry room/closest, genius!


Maddy said...

Your apartment is so cute! I love the yellow bathroom. How do you like savannah being a graphic designer? I'm applying to SCAD but I'm worried about the location for seth, not sure if he'd be able to get any internships there. How are you liking it?

Melissa said...

You got a Grrrreat apartment! I'm so glad you posted pictures, because I was wondering how it had worked out. First, you have a DISHWASHER and LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT!!! WHOA! I'm soooo jealous of both. Second, you have way more counter and cupboard space in your kitchen. Third, you are on a corner so you have tons of windows. Very cool. I'm so happy for you guys! Next, you'll have to tell us how Terra Cotta is working out.

ldgeorge said...

Are you kidding...I check your blog pretty much everyday and sometimes more than once a day. I am so happy to see your apartment pictures! I love to see where my kids live and how they spruce up their space and make it their own with their personalities and creativity. It looks very quaint and fun. Cool fireplace--too bad you have to cover up the other two but at least you can enjoy the one. Your own washer/dryer-Jackpot!

Joseph and Angela Dougherty said...

Yay! I love your quaint little apartment, thanks for the pics! I'm pretty jealous that you have a laundry in your own've really arrived now! Miss you!

stephanie clawson said...

yay for house pictures! Sounds like there is so much history down there. Like living in a slave house, sheesh, awesome! And LOVE the frames up your stairway!

amanda said...

they sure want you to stay warm. what, with 5 fireplace and all?!? I love Savannah and am SO jealous of you!!!!! Looks like you're having fun =)

Garrison Propaganda said...

ellen i LOVE all the pictures and the narrative through your home. i feel like ive been there now. i had no clue what i thought you guys were living in, but your pictures were totally different than what i expected. its awesome its so old. it be cool to find any history on the previous tenants/jobs they did there. how many people can say they lived in a historical home, or servants quarters. you (and dan) have everything decorated very cutely too. and dont worry if anything ever happened and a baby did come along youd be surprised at how little space they take up. its all their gadgets that start competing for space! :)