Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The other day I was feeling really depressed so i made a list of things I am grateful for on my phone. I still continue to add things to the list. So here it is.
Grateful for:
Daniel. Cosmo. London. Mom and dad. Brothers and sisters. George's. Paula and taras. my job workin with London. My apartment that feels like a home. Healthy body. My friends. Gospel. Temple. Scriptures. YW calling an opportunity to serve. Cool weather with sunshine. Yummy food. When Cosmo falls asleep on me. Faith. Books. iPhone. Car. Daniels jobs. Chapstick. Road trips with Daniel. Education. Sleeping in. Creating. Being able to talk to my mom on the phone and feeling better about life. For parents that care and love me. When London wraps her arms around my neck and goes ooowwww.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Garden Gates Part 1

When I first moved down to Savannah two years ago, I remember walking around downtown and being so intrigued by all the private gardens. I told Daniel I would love to photograph the gates/doors that conceal these gardens, and he says so why don't you? So the other day he finally pushed me to do something with the idea. Here are my first photos. They consists of gates in historic downtown on Harris Street and York Street.

To be continued...