Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is a sea turtle I caught when we were fishing in the lake. If it doesn't seem right that I actually caught a real sea turtle in a fresh water lake it's because I didn't. It's plastic. I thought it was funny. Daniel and I put him be the edge of the lake and a couple of my family members thought he was real.

This is a real turtle we found. My mom wasn't sure if we were trying to trick her again with a fake turtle until it started to move. It is a blandings turtle and is on the endangered species list as a low threat. I think he is really cute with his little yellow chiny chin.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My recent travels

Daniel and I took a trip to Cedar Point (a big amusement park right on Lake Erie). This is a nice shot of me after riding the Top Thrill Dragster. It goes 120mph in 3 seconds. It knocks the winds out of you.

Later in the day it rained on us which shut down all the rides and caused a lot of people to leave early. We stuck it out and got to enjoy the rides without any long lines.

I got a little worn out after it rained because I was able to ride so many rides without having to wait in line. And I realized that its not always a bad thing to wait in line because it gives your stomach a chance to recover. So we took a cool down lap on the ferris wheel.

My first trip to Washington DC.

We were walking down the sidewalk and saw a bunch of people skateboarding in this plaza area and Daniel spots out one of his favorite pro skateboarders, Stevie Williams.

check out Daniel's pictures of our trips