Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This winter I created an apron line called Marjorie, after my Grandma. She was my inspiration for the aprons. She is such a talented women. She can sew anything! I still have Barbie doll dresses that she made for me. I look at them and go, "how did she sew that little sleeve on!?" I've been meaning to post pictures of my aprons to show my Grandma but as you can tell I'm a little behind. Then recently my Grandma, who is 88 years old, got really sick and had major surgery. Miraculously she is doing well. I was really upset when I heard she was sick because I hadn't shown her my aprons yet. So I can't delay any longer. I'm glad she is doing well and hope that I can master just some of the skills that she has mastered over the years. Love you Grandma!!