Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Pics

Merry belated Christmas!

We drove up to my parents house in Michigan and took Cosmo with us. For the most part he was a pretty good road trip buddy.

This is a mouse I made Cosmo. It only took him a couple days to completely destroy it. I even bought real wool felt hoping that it would be more durable.

It was been a tradition in my family to make the nieces and nephews Christmas ornaments. My Aunts did it for me growing up so now I have an awesome stash of ornaments that were mostly all hand made. So I'm trying to keep the tradition going. These are the ornaments I made for my nieces and nephews this year. Little Christmas birds.

Some of Daniel's goodies he got for Christmas. My Mom didn't have the energy to put together stockings this year so she said I could do them if I wanted. So I got everyone nerf guns and a cheesy $5 DVD and some candy. There were 7 of us and we had an all out war with our nerf guns. It was really fun. I remember growing up and all 5 of my brothers would get nerf guns and there would be darts and nerf balls flying all over the house but I was always left defenseless. So it was fun this year to be part of that.


melanie said...

We love the ornaments. Thank you for making such awesome ones. I will send you a picture of last year's before I pack them away. Madeline is missing Cosmo. Grandma's house just won't be the same without him. Love you!

Melissa said...

I like your auntie tradition. I might do that too! I'm always trying to think of what to do for all the cousins at Christmas time.

Garrison Propaganda said...

hey, i recognize one of those cute birdies. the kids loved theirs, and again im in awe of your ceaseless crafty skills.

the nerf wars sound like a blast. we did that one year with silly string. quite the mess, but quite fun. whats your poo telling you? sounds like an awesome bathroom book! :) your recap of christmas sounds lik you guys had a good time.

Tony Carpenter said...

Ellen! I've lost your email (strange I know) I need to get you your W2's for taxes. BTW, I hope you had a great holiday!

The Perkins Family said...

Ha! We also own "The Zombie Survival Guide" and "What Your Poo is Telling You." Our shared refined tastes must be genetic!