Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mackinac Island Trip

This was a nice start to our trip up to northern Michigan. Pretty classy. Daniel said if he would have been sitting in the passenger side he would have lifted his shirt.

On the shore of Mackinac Island. One of Daniel's favorite places.

This is an awesome shot Daniel got of this couple that was sitting behind us on the ferry over to the island. I'm not sure I need to describe it any further. I love tourists.

Daniel built a mount for his camera so he could get a time lapse riding around Mackinac Island on his bike. He also decided to get a time lapse of the ferry ride back.

After we went to Mackinac Island we drove to the upper peninsula (U.P.) of Michigan where my brother and his family were camping. We took a trip with them to Whitefish Point which is on Lake Superior. This was my first time going to this lake. It is the largest and definitely coldest of the Great Lakes. Whitefish point is called the graveyard of the Great Lakes. 550 Shipwrecks have occurred in a 80 mile stretch from Whitefish Point. Daniel is holding up what he thinks could be a piece of shipwreck.


Garrison Propaganda said...

you got some great shots. the lift your shirt and tattoo couple are real gems. that was interesting to read about all the shipwrecks. fun trip!

stephanie clawson said...

There are a lot of hillbilly-ish people in Arkansas that look a lot like the tourist. Maybe that's where they're from... I love the water. Looks like it was a fun trip.

Rachael Thomas said...

Is Mackinac island the island where they don't allow cars? I've always wanted to go there. They shot the movie Somewhere in Time on that island.. well If I'm thinking of the correct place that is..