Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Tradition

When I was growing up, every year for Christmas my aunts would make all their nieces and nephews Christmas ornaments. I love my collection of one of a kind, hand made ornaments and look forward to getting them out each year. One of my favorites is this tiny felt mouse that is sleeping in half a walnut shell. I decided that I wanted to continue the tradition with my nieces and nephews. I just can't believe I'm up to 10 all ready! I love it!!!


Garrison Family said...

ahhhhh! spoiler alert, but super cute. cant wait to get our set. theyre way cute, as usual. sorry were putting those fingers to work every christmas!

Melanie said...

Sooooo cute!! Can't wait to see them (and you) in person. Drive safe and hurry home!

ldgeorge said...

I love that you are continuing this fun and very special tradition! Your nieces and nephews are blessed to be the beneficiaries of one of your many talents!