Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Daniel and I got dressed up last night and went trick-or-treating. We didn't get a lot of loot but it was really fun. We went up to one house and there was a little girl helping her mom pass out candy and she said to her mom that there were a lot of adults trick-or-treating and I told her that we weren't adults that we were still kids. I dressed up as a 1950's house wife with apron and all and Daniel was my bread winner husband. My friend invited us back to where she lives and the community had a haunted trail. Daniel got a kick out of this Zombie.


stephanie clawson said...

Dear Ellen, you two rock. I miss you. How about a drive to Arkansas? The end.

P.S. Our blog has moved:


Garrison Family said...

hahaha. what cute costumes. i think its funny you guys actually went out and then got outted by a kid! :)