Friday, April 3, 2009

Pot Head

I woke up this morning with three inches of snow on the ground and decided to make the most of it. I used a pot Daniel threw away for a hat. Hopefully I won't be able to make any more snowmen this year.


Garrison Propaganda said...

very clever to add a touch of summer to your little creations feet. if only it were that warm! oh well. i guess at least out here in ohio we dont have snow. ick!

Emilee said...

We stopped by the art show this past week and I loved your exhibit! (I want your frames - how neat!) Thanks for the quote and inspiration.

Deanna said...

So I stumbled onto your blog, thanks to don't know me,but I have to are one talented girl!!! I LOVE your sock creations!!! and I'll be dragging my husband to Rexburg to see your exhibit...I think it's totally awesome!!!

BTW, great job on your blessing dress; I used to be the Lab tutor for the sewing labs 3 years, how time flies!

Can't wait to get to the Spori!